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Accessories are the extra touch that makes the difference.
This season, Aska focuses on textiles: silk belts, fabric jewels, cotton bags, cotton or silk shawls.
The tie-belts are Aska’s flagship accessory, unique pieces made of two vintage ties: an enchanting display of patterns and colours.
Add to this various shawls in Eco-printed silk, single sleeved in chiffon crepe, or in cotton gauze lined with satin: light and diaphanous, perfect for summer. And, for the cool evenings, single sleeved wool shawls.
To enhance your outfits, Aska offers Tuili, a two-coloured scarf to wear as a choker or a bracelet, and a necklace-bracelet in chiffon, adorned with tassels, pearls and fabric flowers.
And finally, we have cotton tote bags for the holidays, into which you can put Aska’s summer dresses.