Kimono Robelini en satin de soie imprimé Eco-Print fait main
chale pareo en mousseline de soie avec impressions eco-prints gris indigo kaki
Robe Gaia en satin de soie imprimé Eco-Print fait main

Eco-Print is a printing method created by the Australian dyer India Flint. This technique enables to create true paintings made with leaves, flowers, barks, berries and so on, arranged on a piece of fabric, that one wraps and ties around a branch, before steaming or cooking it in water.

Eco-Print 1
Eco-Print 4
Eco-Print 2
Eco-Print 7
Eco-Print 3
Eco-Print 6

Trained at the school of Fine Arts, Aska has been seduced by the pictorial look of this printing technique, imbued with a spirit of constant creation which gives free rein to an almost infinite game of forms and colors. Aska has been all the more thrilled by this technique because it is part of a deeply eco and environment-friendly approach.

Aska has contacted Beata Jarmolowska, a polish artist who has developed this method as part of her various creations. Both have then started a collaboration, from which has stemmed an eco-print capsule collection. The effects are surprising, reminding sometimes watercolor, sometimes sepia or Indian ink, with strokes alternately blurred, powerful and well defined.

Chale Virtuoze en laine imprimée Eco-Print fait à la main
Robe longue dos nu evasée en coton imprimé Eco-Print maron beige noir fait maison
Top Safari Claire en maille de viscose imprimée Eco-Print fait a la main
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